You’re Invited! Off Season Training Program For Runners

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For those who don’t know me my name is Erin Shaw and I am a personal trainer at Blitz Conditioning. Since working as a trainer I have worked with various individuals that are runners (short and long distances), and I have provided them with their cross training for days they do not run. Because of my job as an observer I get to see what  clients sticking points are or what training compensations they have, first hand, and develop their programs with the ultimate goal of improvement in those areas, which inevitably crosses over into their running.

What am I doing about this? At Blitz Conditioning I will be holding an Off Season Running workshop. This workshop will  essentially provide you with your mobility and cross training in preparation for your next running season.

Why should you attend? I see too many individuals that become very invested in their sport that they don’t take time to properly utilize an off season, rest periods, or cross training. I want to provide you will the tools and knowledge to be able to grow as an athlete and avoid future set backs.

When is it? The workshop will take place every Tuesday @ 7-8:30 pm for 6 weeks (starting Nov 17-Dec 22).

How much is it? The cost will be $150 per person for 6 weeks.

Who is this for? This workshop will be beneficial whether you are a well seasoned runner or new to the sport. I encourage runners of all levels to attend.

What can you expect? This style of training is not supposed to be a cardiovascular intensive workout. You can expect the program to flow out similar to the patterns discussed in my post The Importance of Muscle Activation and Utilizing Your Off-Season. We will work on loosening off your tight/overactive muscles, activating the underactive/under-utilized muscles, and provide you with strength and conditioning exercises in order to make you a more efficient and effective runner.

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