My Year as a BlitzFit Ladies Booty Boot Camper- By Melissa Bourgeois

photo 2One year ago, I signed up for the Blitz Ladies Booty Bootcamp. Little did I know that this would be one of the best decisions that I ever made, for myself.

The thought of the entire thing was daunting. 6:45am, 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Who was I kidding? My brother benefitted from all of the athletic genes in our family, while I inherited all the genes necessary to flip pages in a book. My husband looked skeptical when I told him that I was joining, and if I admit it to myself now, I was pretty skeptical too. Mornings, working out, you? Really? Despite those feelings, I pushed myself to contact Amy and she assured me that I wouldn’t be the only timid girl huffing and puffing in the back corner of the room. And so, on a dark and cold morning in December I navigated myself to Blitz and despite the butterflies flipping in my stomach, I forced myself through the doors. I’m proud to say that I’ve never looked back since.

My first goal was to make it through one month. That was all that I promised myself. And Month One was tough! The physical impacts on my body meant that simple tasks like sitting down were seemingly insurmountable. Week two meant that I was still painfully waddling around, but I was already feeling stronger mentally because I mean, who else around me was actually putting their money where their mouth was and getting up at 6am to go work out?

Weeks three and four were rather unremarkable, as I gradually transitioned into understanding what a hallway workout meant, or the pain I was about to face when our amazing coach Amy would drag out the kettlebells. What surprised me the most at the end of my first month, though, was that I was actually hungry for more. December rolled into January and those of us who had survived the December indulgences made a pact to make it through the January blues. I can’t tell you that every day was easy, but it was during that month that something very unique and unexpectedly beautiful happened – I made fitfam friends. Anyone willing to haul themselves out at -52 weather at 6:00am had my respect, but more than that – I felt a special kinship with each of them. My sweat buddies, my fit peers, my Blitzfit 1

Fast forward another month and I achieved what was another one of my goals – one full ‘real’ pushup! For me, this was a feat that I actually never imagined could happen and I proudly displayed my push up to anyone who would watch. Let’s just say, even my brother was impressed. Each day, I got stronger but not just physically. My mental awareness of pushing my limits, understanding my body, and disciplining myself to get up early made me feel more in control of my every day life. I remember realizing that in order to achieve some of my non-fitness related goals in life, this was just who I was going to have to be now – the tough girl who exercises at 6am. That thought followed me throughout the months, and got me through the days when I fought hardest with wanting to look back.

As the year progressed and we all got stronger, fitter and less weary at the thought of 6:45am roll calls, it became pretty obvious that not showing up to bootcamp anymore was no longer an option. New girls joined us and we were happy to welcome them, nodding our heads in understanding what they felt like in their first few weeks.

Melissa Photo2Life sometimes interferes with things beyond our control, but I find that we can make as many excuses as we want to not exercise. What we rarely regret, however, is not pushing through and doing it. Push through the pain, our new fantastic coach Brittany tells us, because it will make you stronger. That means more than just physical, it means emotional and mental strength. I won’t say that I diligently showed up every single day for the past 12 months. Sometimes, life just got to be too much to handle and I granted myself a few days off to rejuvenate. Some mornings, I pressed snoozed and stayed in bed. Others, I came out and rocked my workout. But as my friendships with the bootcamp ladies have deepened, so has my profound appreciation and respect for each of them. They, along with our coaches and the admirable owners of Blitz Brett and Chris, are truly remarkable people. Friends that you can groan with in agony because they encouraged you to bump up your weights, who push you when you feel weak, who inspire you by the remarkable lives they each lead and who – without having to say anything – will pull out an extra mat for you because they know that you’re a two mat kind of wimpy girl… now that, is a pretty special fit community indeed.

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