Why I Workout

My latest sick spell hit me pretty hard, and I knew that going to the gym was a bad idea. My body needed to rest and recoupe;  things would have gone from bad to worse if I tried to push myself through a workout.

During the onset of my illness, it pained me to avoid the gym. I was itching to throw on my runners, grab my workout gear, and sweat out the sickness. As the days went by and the symptoms of being sick stuck around, I learned to accept the fact that the gym and I had to spend some time apart. After a week of being sick, my symptoms started to subside; I might actually be okay to slowly incorporate a workout into my daily routine again. I should have been ecstatic, but there was a small part of me that was slightly content with continuing my days sans workout. My life without working out was relaxing; I didn’t have to worry about finding some time to incorporate a workout into my day.

I contemplated about my life without a regular workout. There wouldn’t be that need to wake up extra early to sneak in some exercise before work; I wouldn’t feel rushed to fit my training into the short window of time between work and bed time. I could live life with a little more leisure, and just a little bit more free time. I thought about all the people I know who don’t obsess over daily workout routines and keeping up their fitness levels. On the surface they seemed so care-free. Perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

The concept had so many appealing qualities, but it was so unrealistic. As I started to come off being sick, I took my first steps on the treadmill, sweated and cycled through an elliptical and bike circuit, and remembered why I loved this aspect of my life. Working out is a release. It’s the perfect kick start to my day and ironically relaxing way to end the work day. A workout is the perfect release for frustrations; it’s great for when I’m restless or upset, and a perfect release when I don’t feel myself.  I know that sometimes getting to the gym can be tough, but the physical and emotional results always prove worthy.

There’s importance in finding balance between every day requirements, life commitments, and leisure; it’s crucial to find the time to enjoy and make the most of every moment life offers.
When it comes down to it, I workout because it makes me feel good. Feeling good is something I’ll always make the effort to find time for, and something I believe is important to living life to the fullest.

Don’t ever forget why you do the things you do. It’s what makes you, you.


  1. Great post Jenn!

    I’ve recently taken a whole month off working out because of an emotional break up but I’m back at it now and it feels so good. Sure my legs, back, chest and arms are sore but it’s that good kind of sore that let’s you know something good is happening. Ya know? Hopefully we’ll be seeing you at the team workouts in the mornings at 7:15am.

  2. Thanks Jen!

    We’ve all gone through these times where we pair down our lives and truly find out what is important to us. There’s so much more to health and fitness than just numeric goals and you definitely touched on all of that!

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