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All of you Edmontonians know how crazy-hot it’s been during last week and I know there are many of us who rely on outdoor workouts for the summer.  We were on CTV this morning to give you some tips on how to workout in the heat and what measures to take before heading outside.


This is so important. Plan ahead before your workout and make sure to drink plenty of water. About two hours before you start it would be a good idea to drink something containing electrolytes like a sports drink (diluted down). Electrolytes are natural occurring ions that regulate the body’s hydration levels. Without electrolytes dehydration can occur and muscles can become weak!! So it’s always a great idea to have extra electrolyte sources when you are going to be sweating a lot. Also make sure to bring plenty of water to your workout! It is always better to have too much than too little.


Keep it light in weight and light in color, this is the best way to try and keep your body as cool as possible.

Protect yourself and head for the trees!

Remember that it takes about 30 minutes for your sunscreen to absorb so apply with plenty of time before heading out! Also try and set up your workout in shaded areas. Obviously the shade is much cooler and helps protect you from the sun.


From 10 am to 3 pm is hottest time of the day. It is best to try to avoid working out during these times.

Listen to your body!

If you are feeling nauseous or light headed it is probably time to call it quits. The last thing you want is to suffer from dehydration or heat stroke.

Exercises to pick while working out in the heat!

Those are some great things to take into consideration but how about which exercises to pick while working out in the heat?

When working out in the heat you have to realize that your heart is already elevated simply because of the temperature. This means in excessive temperatures the intensity of your workout should drop. Try doing more static exercises. These exercises will allow you to control your heart rate. They are exercises that do not involve your whole body and focus more on specific muscle groups. You are going to want to avoid jumping or anything that gets you breathing heavily.

Here is a list of ten awesome body weight exercises that will allow you to get a beneficial, safe workout in this crazy heat!

Plank- keep your core tight and your belly button drawn in.

Walking lunges- keep your upper body straight and all your weight through your front foot.

Push-ups- keep your back flat and try and touch your chest to the ground every time.

Wall/Tree Sit- keep your knees bent at 90 degrees and your back pressed firmly against the wall/tree.

Squats- keep your feet flat on the ground, your upper body straight and push your bum back.

Leg raises- keep your back flat on the ground and your legs as straight as possible.

Bench dips- only bend at the elbows and push up through the palms of your hands.

Side plank- keep your body straight and your hips pushed up off the ground.

V-sit- lean back and keep your core engaged.

Calf raises-Start with your feet flat on the ground and rise up onto your toes.

While working out in the heat give yourself longer rest periods to allow your heart rate to slow down. Make sure to drink plenty of water during these periods.

If you have any questions about the exercises please feel free to ask!




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  1. Yvon Loiselle says:

    I skipped my workout entirely yesterday… was too concerned about heat stroke. I just may get my workout in, today. Thanks for this!

  2. My pleasure! Did you get a workout in yesterday?

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