#BlitzFit Picture Contest: win one month of unlimited group classes!

Our team loves taking pictures of workouts and healthy activities and we thought we’d start a contest for all of the fitness photo fanatics out there.  It goes like this:

The #Blitzfit Picture Contest will last 2 weeks from today (ending on July 3, 2013), what you need to do:

  • Take a picture of you or your friends doing something active, or of equipment or a cool landscape that you’re jogging or biking through.
  • Post it on your Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag #blitzfit
  • or Post it to our main Blitz Conditioning Facebook Page Here

What we will do:

  • We will then repost your picture on our Instagram account here: http://instagram.com/blitzconditioning
  • We’ll count the number of likes each picture and the picture with the most likes will get one month of free group classes for both our Edmonton and Calgary locations valued at over $200.00!
  • If you’re not in either of the cities and still want to participate, we have a 3 month subscription to The Viva Plan as a prize for you.

So get your friends to follow us on Instagram and like your picture, or repost it on your own Facebook or Twitter account to tell people to like the picture.

A few Disclaimers:

  • You can enter in as many pictures as you want but keep in mind it’s the number of likes that count.
  • We have the rights to use all of the pictures after the contest is over.
  • We have the rights to review any of the posts to see if the pictures are clean and tasteful before reposting on our Instagram account.
  • We aren’t liable if you get in trouble if you take pictures where you’re not allowed to (some gyms don’t allow you to take pictures so be careful.)
  • We will stop taking in Pictures July 3, 2013 but we’ll keep counting the likes at 12:00pm on July 6, 2013.


Get out there, get active, and take some pictures!!!


Below are a few examples of pictures.

Sheri Joshua running IMG_5136 IMG_5003 IMG_4891 pic ropes


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