Whiner turned Winner

I was a walking zombie that day, and didn’t feel like working out. I was feeling incredibly lazy, with no energy or motivation – but I knew if I skipped out on exercise, I’d hate myself later for it.

My unwillingness to move made the 20 minute trek to Blitz seem longer than usual; the closer I got to my destination, the more I dreaded the idea of the workout to come. My apathetic state of mind intensified when I got to Blitz, and I managed to convince Chris into executing a subdued, less strenuous training session.

Chris and I apparently have slightly different expectations when defining a ‘light’ workout. I don’t know what I expected exactly, but it wasn’t the 20 pound weights Chris supplied me with for a chest press. It wasn’t the 12 pound weights he gave me for chest flies, and it definitely wasn’t the ridiculous resistance exercise he gave me for a different chest fly exercise. We were barely 2 sets into the training session before I started complaining about the weights; it was approximately 2 minutes in before I began complaining about my arms being sore. I was almost giving up as we neared the end of our first exercises, and when Chris wouldn’t let me give up – I began to whine.

(I know – I sound like such a pleasure to work with, don’t I?! )

The workout was gruesome; the seconds went slow, and the minutes felt like forever. Chris considered it an ‘easy’ workout because most of the workout was done lying on a bench, instead of jumping or running around. I appreciated the lack of heart racing, cardiovascular activity, but I was fearful my arms would actually collapse beneath the weights, and cause serious injury. (I know Chris was there spotting, but it could still happen!!)

Eventually, the workout was over. Considering the mental state I was in when I arrived, I felt pretty good about the effort I gave and I had successfully completed every rep, exercise, and request that Chris had  demanded  asked I do.

I spent most of that session a whiner – grumbling, protesting, and making a fuss about the task at hand. Despite my frustration and how exhausted I was after 45 minutes – I didn’t give up, I made it to the end, and finished… a winner!




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