What it takes to be a Blitz Conditioning Trainer (Yes we’re always hiring.)

Post Sweaty Spin class with Leigh in Calgary!

Post Sweaty Spin class with Leigh in Calgary!

I know Brett and I are asked this question almost weekly.  If you look at our trainer profiles, we’ve got a motley crew of people and personalities and people ask what we look for when hiring people?  Of course there’s the baseline certifications that all trainers must have.  No matter if you’re a “functional trainer”, a bodybuilder, a sport specific trainer, an olympic lifter, or a triathlete,  you need to know the fundamentals and learn how to teach it before you even step foot into our gyms and talk to our community.  We don’t put our trainers through dumb certifications or rules like: “if you haven’t had your calluses ripped off you’re not hardcore enough to train here”, or “You need to write down all of the nerve innervations in the leg before you can train here.” Trust me, these rules exist out there… and I’m mortified sometimes at how over certified but under-qualified some trainers are.

Barring all that BASELINE level, what else do we look for?

  1. We’re a community oriented company: we look for trainers who want to be leaders in a community.  People who check their egos at the door and want to pull their sleeves up and do some honest hard work to help others out.  I grew up in a family who looked at the needs of others before our own; there were countless times where my parents were so financially strapped but still mustered up something to help the less fortunate.  This is  part of the history of all of our team members, not necessarily the “come from nothing” story but the fact that we’d give everything to help out a cause or a person.  Trainers at Blitz have to love interacting with people and seeking out what truly makes others tick.  When you can find the “why” behind what our community members do they’ll truly succeed with their goals.
  2. Constant passion for personal and professional growth: I’ve ranted about this before, when you stop learning you’re dead.  Go out there, pick up a book, travel, make some mistakes, and learn more about everything related to fitness.  Don’t rely only on bro-science (picking up a muscle mag, or Googling/YouTubing your favorite workout site).  There’s some validity to learning new movement patterns with these ressources but these are to fitness what Wikipedia is to real scientific research… It’s cool to look to read but if you’re presenting in a professional setting “Youtubing” is not a reference that I’d cite and expect to have people take me seriously.  As personal trainers, we’re passionate about movement.  We constantly want to learn how to push the people we train and our own bodies to new limits and there’s countless ways of doing it.  But other’s learn from us when we can empathize with them and that’s where personal growth is important in our profession.
  3. You have to be active and workout.  This seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at the number of people who start off in this profession and haven’t even touched a weight.  Some of these weekend certifications are writhe with people who “Saw a trainer yelling at someone on TV and wanted to be like them.” If a trainer walks into Blitz and looks at our equipment scared and puzzled, like they just walked into a room full of loaded weapons pointed at them, they won’t even pass the first interview or they’ll get eaten up by Brett’s first practical interview. The craziest things we invent at Blitz, and make you do, are done because we know how to lift weight, activate the right muscles, and how to translate simple movements into complex ones.  But trainers, and members, also need to realize that health isn’t found just in the gym.  We need to get out there, play more, successful trainers are ones that take on activities like hockey, running, yoga, triathlons, parkour, MMA… this list goes on… outside of their workouts at the gym.  Successful trainers are people who encourage members to become more active for hours out of their day instead of a few hours in the week when they meet up.
  4. You have to have some type of desire to run your own business.  Blitz gives the tools for each trainer to become successful as an owner of their own business.  We support our team but we strongly believe that trainers should have the ability to run their practice independently and as if they own a part of Blitz.  Ownership requires a passion for entrepreneurialism, a high level of independence, and a gumption for service, we can give you tools to succeed but ultimately not everyone fits this company.  Some trainers are better off in a conventional facility that doesn’t require entrepreneurialism.  I’ve always looked at my role here at Blitz not only as a personal trainer but a venture capitalist who invests in startups;  our startups just happen to be personal trainers.  We pick people who want to succeed independently of big box gyms and dictatorship business models.  Trainers are free to explore multiple passions if they like as long as it’s ethical and positive to the community.


So we’re hiring… Interested? Drop us a line

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