What has the triathlon team been up to?

Racing that’s what! The Blitz tri team has been training super hard all year and recently had some great success at Ironman Coeur d’Alene and the Great White North Triathlon. Way to make that sweat count guys!

IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene- June 29th

The wind blew strong last Sunday in Idaho as four Blitz Tri Team members took on IronMan Coeur d’Alene. For Steph Neufeld it was her 8th IronMan and her second time on this course. For Graeme Bredo, Jenny Petersen, and Cheryl Vos it was their first attempt at this distance- 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, and 42.2 km run! In the end, through all the day’s ups and downs, all of us crossed the line with big smiles and arms in the air.

CDA Team

Left to Right: Cheryl, Jenny, Steph, and Graeme

And the for the stats:

Steph was aiming to beat her 11:01 from last year and maybe just squeeze in a Kona World Championship spot. Steph raced hard and found herself in 4th place in her division, 22nd women and 202nd overall with 1:30:35 swim, 5:50:00 bike, 3:40:58 run, and total finish time of 11:08:38. Sadly, she was one spot away from a Kona slot.

Graeme killed the swim and bike and ended up 16th in his division, 192nd for men and 221st overall with a 1:13:34 swim, 5:39:39 bike, 4:15:46 run and total finish time of 11:14:32. Some major leg cramping 20 kilometers into the run put a damper on Graeme’s 10:30 pace, but nonetheless it was a head shaking first IronMan time.

Cheryl was smooth and steady for the whole race and ended up a solid 35th in her division, 152nd women, 809th overall with a 1:38:00 swim, 6:41:47 bike, 4:32:52 run and total finish time of 13:06:14.

Jenny’s goal was to finish and feel strong for the race and she did just that, finishing 45th in her division, 284th for women, 1312th overall with a 1:36:04 swim, 6:59:53 bike, 5:38:29 run and total finish time of 14:30:29.

GREAT WHITE NORTH TRIATHLON- July 6th (2 km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run)

With four of us recovering from IronMan, the Blitz Tri Team kept the fast race times alive at the Great White North Triathlon this past Sunday. With a blistering 5:02:26 Danielle Bourgeois lead the Blitz Team in the Half IronMan event finishing 47th overall and as the 7th women across the line (Swim: 40:31 Bike: 2:50:59 Run: 1:30:57). Danielle cut 40 minutes off last year’s time and is proof that if you put the work in, you will see results! We’re so proud of her. Amy Coppens was hot on her heels and finished with a personal best of 5:23:55. (Swim: 44:08 Bike: 2:56:02 Run: 1:43:46 ). Amy took 3rd place in the 20-29 age category. Amy is getting faster and faster as the season goes on.

GWN Team

Clockwise: Danielle, Brad (and family), Amy, James, and Mike

On the boys side, James Palamarchuk had a solid race at 5:40:36 (Swim: 37:08 Bike: 2:53:00 Run: 2:10:29) as did Mike Glazier, coming just in under six hours at 5:59:06. (Swim 37:45 Bike 3:11:45 Run: 2:09:36). Ed was just a few footsteps behind, crossing the line at 6:08:53 (Swim 51:04 Bike: 3:08:39, Run: 2:09:12). For both Ed and Mike this was their first half ironman attempt and, in fact, this was Ed’s second triathlon ever!

In the Olympic Distance event (1.5 km swim, 50 km bike, 10 km run), Jacquie Kingston finished in 3:34:03 (Swim 24:27, Bike 1:58:54 Run:1:10:42) and had one of the fastest swim times of the day! 3:12:08 Brad Campbell represented the men’s side with a top 50 finish, coming in at 3:12:08(Swim: 32:43 Bike: 1:36:00 Run 1:03:25).


July 27th – Brad, Jenny, Cheryl, Amy, and Jo take on Calgary 70.3 IronMan and Danielle, Graeme, and Steph take on the full distance at IronMan Canada in Whistler!

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