Week 2: Time to Go Shopping

You know the moment when you grab your yogurt and realize you forgot your spoon? You look around for things to use to eat your delicious treat and dammit, you can only find a fork. Doesn’t seem that bad, right? Alas, the yogurt starts pouring through the fork and you wonder if it would be easier to just slurp it out or even use the opposite side of the fork to shovel it in. It’s frustrating and slow. This is exactly what getting my 4 year-old out of the house at 6:10am is like. You can trust me on this one.

The good news? Getting the kids to the dayhome for 6:30 let’s me go to the 6:45am Booty Boot Camp class.

I didn’t know what to expect with boot camp classes. I figured it would be an instructor at the front of the class and a class full of people behind her doing stretches and jumping jacks. You know, like a videos from the 80’s. I was so wrong.

These classes are super fast moving and intense. You go from one exercise to another like: push-ups; weighted lunges; jumping jacks; squats; push-ups; leg lifts; skiers and leg lifts with lunges in between. For a half-hour class, you may only stop for water and to catch your breath 2-3 times. It’s Go! Go! Go!

At the end of our bootcamp today, we were instructed to do 15 crunches then run 2 laps around the gym perimeter. It didn’t end there, we needed to come back and do 10 more crunches and 2 more sprinted laps. Finally, we would be able to come back, do 5 more crunches and leave.

Each time I ran a lap, I passed a trainer who told me I was doing an amazing job, clapped and cheered me on. It feels like every time I want to slow down or give up, someone at Blitz boosts me forward. It really is a community that cares. I’m not used to so much positive encouragement at a gym. You have no idea how much I appreciated this

Boot camp kicked my ass something fierce this week, but It won’t for long. I’m getting stronger and leaner everyday.

I managed to get to 2 boot camp workouts this week. I had wanted to finish 4 boot camp workouts and one one-on-one session with Chris in this week, but my body had other plans for me. The dreaded stomach flu. Thank goodness I only lost 3 days of training.

Oh and my goal blazer?



For comparison, this is where it was on the 1st:


I’m going to have to work hard to get it to lay where it should on my body, but HOLY CRAP! I could even move the arms. Looks like I need a new goal outfit. Time to go shopping!

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