Week 1: Inner Ninja

This past week, I moved from 3 workouts to 6. You would think that exercising as much as I did would be hard, but it was actually kind of fun (Don’t tell Chris). I mixed things up between one-on-one training sessions and running.

I liked that each one-on-one session was different. We are working on the same core movements, but in different ways. This keeps things interesting for sure. I was doing really well until this thing came out:


I know it seems innocent, but I’m pretty damn clumsy. I told Chris he was tempting fate by making me use it and said a prayer before trying to balance myself on it. Once I got a grasp on that, he had me trying to balance on one leg and then the dreaded walking across it sideways with a weighted ball in my hands. Each time I faltered from laughing so hard at myself, Chris started telling me to think like a ninja. The sideways crossovers became ‘Swan Floating Over Water’ and standing on the dreaded half stability ball was ‘ninja in the reeds’. Who knew that would actually work? Apparently, I can visualize myself as a ninja quite easily. Beware world!

The more I thought about this dreaded piece of equipment, the more I realized I need it. A big reason why I didn’t run outside this winter is because I’m positive I would have slipped on ice and broken my head open. Now I’m wondering if I really am clumsy or just need to work on my core. I’ve heard a lot of people absolutely love winter runs. Maybe I can join them this season. that would be fantastic!

Another piece that I found challenging this week is looking at myself. In order to have good form, you need to be looking directly at yourself in the mirror. You’d think that this would be the easiest part of my workout, but it’s not. I don’t even own a full sized mirror. I’m not ashamed of my body, nor do I have low self-esteem, but for some reason, this is hard on me. Is it a vanity thing? I’m not sure. Little by little, this commitment to move more and be healthy is challenging my comfort zone.

One of these days I’ll look straight into the mirror, smile and have perfect form. Isn’t that what a ninja would do?

I tried on my goal blazer and it doesn’t fit yet. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I’m not in this for short-term gain and I know it’ll take a lot of work. I’m getting Blitzfit 🙂

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