Brett and Chris MS Bike Tour 2015.jpegIt has been a busy month at Blitz and I suspect this momentum won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If we aren’t building new studios, riding through the province on a tandem bike, or making your muscles burn in preparation for short-shorts and the sleeves-option season – then we aren’t doing our job.

Every time I walk by the HIIT studio I can hear our instructors pushing you through tough workouts that sound a little more challenging every day. I see sweat on the floor, exhausted but accomplished looks on your faces as you walk by the front desk, and the goal wall being crushed. This is what we love at Blitz – seeing you all push yourselves to new levels with every visit.

I strongly believe we are doing a good job of offering great classes and training sessions but I know we can do so much more than that. We need to make the entire experience at Blitz Conditioning an incredible one. How do we do that? We listen to you, we try new things, and we never settle for mediocre service.

This past month I have met with our trainers to ask them “what is working and what isn’t”, I have chatted with many of you about what you would think we are missing, I have looked over the surveys and questions we collected in the past, and asked Brett and Chris more questions that I think they ever thought a human was capable of asking.

We are listening and this is what we are going to do about it:

You said….. We are….
  • You want Blitz to be your primary location for fitness and community.
  • Introducing a group style spin class that will have you lost in the beat and community feeling rather than staring at your bike dial.
  • The women’s washrooms are too small.
  • We are expanding the space to create an area with mirrors and counter space.
  • You want this to all be as easy as possible.
  • Entering the 21st Century by introducing MindBody. You can sign in online (especially important when we have limited bikes for spin), auto-renew your membership, receive email communications about what is happening at Blitz and in the community, and you can see what time and who is teaching each class.
  • You miss having challenges.
  • Asking you to stay tuned…

Spin Blitz Conditioning front.jpeg

Like I said, we have been doing a lot and making sure we are listening to everyone who comes through the doors because that is what will make Blitz the best place in Edmonton to work out, hang out and feel a part of something bigger.

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