We are a team! 90 Day Challenge Week 10

Over the last few weeks I’ve had lots of ups and downs, I’ve had some serious realizations and created some great relationships. I’ve also come to the realization that I LOVE group fitness! I love yoga (which I knew) and I LOVE this bootcamp, the women and energy are amazing and the ACCOUNTABLITY is well… Just that accountability.

Week 10

This past week I’ve been feeling great, tons of energy, feeling more disciplined and motivated, which is great… for me. I’ve noticed that my friends are having their lows right now, a lot of them are working at their second month of disciplined fitness and health, I’m currently nearing the end of my fourth. Reflecting on previous attempts at a healthy lifestyle and fitness i have come to terms with the fact that this will be a life long battle or journey and when chatting with some friends I realize that it is seriously hard to push through the down times, those time where you feel fat, your scales is being an asshole, your jeans aren’t your friend and your mirror hates you. These times suck you down, the voices push you toward the wrong path, and tell you dirty lies about yourself that are filled with trickery to make you fail. Now I’ve realized that the community is so important, the people you have in your life that will call you out to push hard “lift more, you can do it” “ Where were you?” “See you tomorrow” is a huge part of ones success… my success. All these things push you to stay committed not only to yourself but also to those who believe in you.

The photo I’m posting today shows a before and after, it is this amazing proof that I’m making changes, the photos don’t manipulate me and lead me toward failure but that of success. They remind that I’m changing, my body isn’t the same and that getting up at the crack of dawn is worth it, the sweat and frustration are worth it. A picture speaks a thousand words and some of those words are “keep going” “don’t quit” “tomorrow is a new day, you’ll do better”,  yes I had a good week, but my friends are struggling, my community that supports and motivates also have struggles, so what do I do? I say, “a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll take before and after pictures on Friday” It’s you and then me, because if we don’t work together no one will grow.

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