Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear Infrared Men’s Reflective Jacket Review

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to men’s winter running jackets and shells as I don’t fit the stereotypical runner’s body. I’m not a 5’7” tall guy with a slender physique, quite the opposite, I’m a 5’2” muscular guy who fills a tight fitted jacket looking like a water balloon. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear® Infrared Men’s Reflective Jacket from Sport Chek!

How I wore it:

1) Outer Shell:
– I could wear the jacket as in temperatures between 8℃ and -20℃ as an outer shell as long as it wasn’t snowing or raining.
– I wore it with either merino wool base-layer or a base-layer and a mid-layer that were merino wool.
– I primarily ran, snowshoed, and cross country skied using this as an outer shell.

2) Mid-Layer:
– In temperatures -15℃ and cooler I wore this as a midlayer.
– I would layer this with a merino wool base layer and a thicker winter-jacket
– I ran, cross country skied, downhill skied, and snowshoed using this as a mid-layer

I was pleasantly surprised with the warmth and the moisture wicking capabilities of this jacket! I sweat, a lot, even in cold conditions but the way the jacket draws the moisture away from the layers underneath happened quite efficiently and prevented my body from cooling down. The jacket never got in the way of activities, nor did it bunch up in places like the armpits and it just seemed to fit properly without any restrictions. Under Armour is onto something with the infrared reflective technology: as I was surprised at how this thin piece of clothing kept me dry and warm in even higher intensity activities like running and cross country skiing. I also wore it repeatedly on a multi-day trip to Jasper and found that it didn’t stink at all!

I’d strongly recommend this jacket to anyone who is looking for a piece of clothing that works well for all types of outdoor activities. The price is just right, it fits great, and it just keeps you warm in all conditions as long as you layer correctly.

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