TRX Workout on CTV Edmonton with Craig Larkins

We were on CTV again this morning with Craig Larkins putting him through a tough TRX workout! TRX is a suspension device that uses gravity and your own body weight to put you through an intense workout.  It is a great resistance training method that is a great alternative to your typical dumbbell exercises.

The circuit we put Craig through is going hit large muscle groups like core, legs, chest and back.

TRX Push-up Pike- Start with both your feet in the harness of the TRX in a push-up position.  You want to make sure that your core is tight and your back is flat from there perform a push-up. As you come up from the push-up pull your bum up the ceiling engaging your core and tucking your knees your chest.


TRX One Legged Lunge- Put one foot in the harness of the TRX so it is suspended. Take a couple steps out perform and lunge. Keep all the weight through your front heel dropping your back knee almost to the ground. This is going to require a lot of balance!!


TRX Row- With both feet together and your body a plank leaning back you are going to extend your arms so they are straight. Keep your shoulders down and elbows tight to your side and pull yourself up.


TRX Chest Flys- With both hands holding onto the straps you are going to lean forward with your chest facing the ground. Keeping your core tight and arms straight, flare your arms out parallel, feeling a strong pull in your chest. Bring your hands back together and repeat.

Give this circuit a go four times through and let us know what you think! Beginners should perform 8-12 reps while advanced should be 15-20!

Also a huge thanks to our amazing client Heather for being our fitness model for this blog.


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