Training With Purpose

What are you training for? Is there an end goal for what you are doing? Or do you find yourself going to the gym, and just going through the motions? I’ve been there, I was going to the gym, but lacked purpose of what I was in pursuit of. My workouts were still hard hitting, and I enjoyed them, but they lacked something.

That something was a vision of where I wanted to go with it. When I was in MMA I use to train really hard at the gym with the vision of improving my power for striking, and fending off attacks. Once my life got to busy with school, and work I still trained at the gym the same way with the intent of one day returning to MMA. As time went on that seemed less likely, my schedule was always fluctuating, and then my workouts started to fizzle. I started to put a few extra pounds on, I still worked out hard, but there was no real motivation in them.

This is the door where all weakness leaves. In the #gym it's just #meVSme! #fitness #fitfam #calisthenics #Blitzfit #yeg

So I started to look for something to motivate me again. I thought maybe body building! But then I realised that I like food to much. Not saying that body builders eat bad food, I just like pizza, hamburgers, and the occasional drink to let that go. So I kept looking, I came across the Spartan Race, a obstacle course race. I started to train for that, I had a goal in mind, but something was still missing. There was nothing new to learn, to master, to over come!

Then Chris started to go to parkour, and asked me to join him. I started to go to the open gyms, started to pick-up some of the basic moves. It started to become something I was thinking about a lot. Started to think of what I could to improve a movement in the gym! Right now my white whale is the be able to a flip, front or back doesn’t matter. And I am getting much closer to that. I started to design my workouts with the thought of how to improve my jump, my pull up, various other moves, and of course what to do to improve my flip.

Practicing my back flips! This is a big improvement from when I started. Now just need to work in that tuck. #SoClose #parkour #fitness #fitfam #blitzfit

I have found something that motivates me again! I am losing weight, because I am focused. So you may be having a good workout, but are you seeing results? Take a look at your workout, and see if there is a goal in mind. I’m not saying you need to find a sport for this motivation, but find something that motivates you to want to be better!

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