Tracking your fit quest progress

The sun’s out and the temperature’s rising which means runners and walkers (not zombies) are showing up in the River Valley to shake off their winter rust. This beefy body of mine has joined the fray and conquered the devil’s staircase (Royal Glenora Stairs) already for the first time this year.

I’m not going to lie it feels pretty great. Physical activity is becoming a co-star in my life again and seeing/feeling progress is what keeps me going.

Any change I notice can push me beyond what any number on a scale tells me. Scales are the bane of my existence. No matter how great I feel about my progress, placing one foot on the scale can throw me in a tizzy. So thanks to the advice from the Blitz Community, Revive Wellness and the good folks at Google, here’s a few ways to track your fit quest progress.

measuring tape

How your clothes fit – After you’ve worked out for a while, try on that old pair of jeans that you swore shrunk in the wash. What’s that? They fit? No they’re not magic jeans. Your waist is getting smaller and that is sure-fire sign of progress.


Capture your progress with pictures – Nothing keeps you more accountable than a shirtless selfie. The prospect of this may terrify most but a picture paints a thousand words. Stand up straight in front of a neutral background and take front, side and back profile shot every week. Then review them to see how far you’ve come.


 Feedback of others  – Whether it’s reassurance that you’re on the right track or a kick in the ass you need to take it one step further – surround yourself with the friends, colleagues and loved ones that will be honest about your progress. When you make someone say ‘wow”, take it to the next level and make them say “wow…zers”? I would do 100+ burpees if it made someone say wowzers. True story!

So here’s a few suggestions on how to track your progress. As well, I’m looking into starting a journal of my workouts, measurements and meals. So please stay tuned for an update on my journal o’ fitness.

So how do you track your progress???

Yours in nerdy fitness,


P.S. This quote really rang true so I thought I would share it:

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