8 Tips for Living a Satisfying Life

I am entirely content with where I am in my life. While I’m constantly driven with passion to create communities focused on health and well being, and I’ll always strive to push my personal and professional limits – I’m okay with who I am today and where I’m going.  A few years ago, I did an emotional and mental purge and I got rid of aspects in my life that didn’t make sense. I let go of material things, destructive relationships, and stuff without purpose that were only causing clutter. With a fresh slate, I could focus on elements that encouraged me to live a fulfilled life that I could proudly look back upon.

Throughout the years, I’ve found a few ways that work well in reaching satisfaction through life:

1 ) Happiness is simplicity: Our society thrives on excesses. I’ve found that striving to attain the simplest pleasures (food, shelter, relationships, meaningful existence) is really all we need to be happy. The extra perks available to us are a bonus, but they’re not required for us to find happiness.

2 ) Materialism leads to emotional poverty: Even if we have all the riches in the world, the constant desire for more causes emotional deprivation. It’s important to cherish what you have, and appreciate the personal and influential significance of your possessions.

3 ) Focus on the Now: Always try to concentrate on the activities, the feelings, and the emotions of the present moment. Live in the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past or future that you can’t control.

4 ) Cherish the Small Things in Life: Take every moment and cherish it. Whether it’s the smell of the rain, a simple home cooked meal, the company of an old friend – these things are all special and significant in their own way, but we tend to overlook them. Try and take a break from everyday stresses and stay positive by embracing the little things in life.

5 ) Replace the Fear Mindset with Thoughts of Joy: People are frequently focused on their fears of change, of missing out or of loosing something.  Replace fear with the excitement and joy of change, and of doing something meaningful, valuable, and creative.  Don’t let fear be the driver on the road trip that is your life.

6 ) Be Relationship Focused: We are far too focused on ourselves.  Our lives revolve around personal, spiritual and professional development and we end up focusing far too much on changing the individual.  When we focus on relationships and finding out what satisfies others we ultimately become a whole person.  Remember the famous poem by John Donne: “No man is an island”?  People quote it all the time, but the challenge is truly living it.

7 ) Forget about numbers and productivity: Goals are great, but as we strive towards a numerical value or a standard of excellence we miss the little things that add to our journey in life.  Take each day as a gift and embrace what life has to offer.  Yes, a personal trainer is telling you to stop thinking about numerical goals – don’t think about loosing 20 lbs, think about how much being healthier will improve your quality of life and your ability to affect others.

8 ) Laugh: Be serious when it’s necessary – trust me, it’s not as often as you think – but have fun, joke, and laugh any other time.  Smile more, not the fake one either, research has shown that a Duchenne Smile – a genuine smile – not only originates from the mouth but also from the eyes.  The Duchenne Smile evokes positive emotions; when you smile, others around you feel better!

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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