Tips for Endomorphs: people who just can’t lose weight!

We covered the three somatotypes or body types and how your genes relate to weight loss last week and we’ll more specifically talk about the endomorphs today. Endomorphs are generally people who have larger frames with wider hips and shoulders. Adele is probably one of the best examples of an endomorph. Endomorphs have a harder time loosing weight even after exercising and trying to keep a proper nutrition. I wanted to give a few tips for weight loss for the endomorphs out there.

Get the metabolism revved up: metabolic workouts and high intensity exercises will surely boost your metabolism. Try out a whole body workout instead of isolation or using cardio equipment.

Heart Rate: keep your heart rate high (between 70-75% of your heart rate max). Since our personal trainers relate better to relative intensity levels I’d describe this is to keep your intensity level at around 7 out of 10. This means that you should be relatively out of breath but still able to talk throughout the whole workout.


  • Low fat: we should strongly emphasize a low fat diet where there is less than 20% of our daily caloric intake that comes from fats.
  • Keep your bad carbohydrates down: lower the refined grains, pastas, rice and white breads. These generally get conveyed to sugars and stored as fats quite quickly. Think about increasing the whole grains since they have higher fiber content and will help you feel fuller longer.
  • Keep the sweets low: enough said. Cut the sweets. Especially snacking on them.

It’s possible to loose weight as a an endomorph but we really need to control what we eat and the frequency of exercise. It’s about a lifestyle change and not about an overnight sprint to the finish line! Also of there’s more questions regarding nutrition contact Revive Wellness since they are our resource or diet and nutrition!

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