Tijuana House Building Project Update

Tijuana Team 2014

It’s been a whirlwind 2014 so far. Half the year has flown by and we’ve been a little remiss at updating you all on our first official global project that Sid chatted about a few months ago in his blog. We have still been working like crazy to get all of the details ironed out including the team and travel details but I’m excited to be a part of this inspiring team. Most of our team had a chance to meet up this weekend for the first time and as always with our community we’re a diverse group that brings a lot of talent and skill to the table and we’re looking forward to applying our assets to building a house in Tijuana for a family in need in August.

Tijuana is a fast growing city that is contrasted by wealth and extreme poverty.  Half of the population of 1.3 million people live in poverty while approximately 25% are unemployed.  The city’s economy is primarily fuelled by it’s manufacturing facilities and tourism. It’s proximity to Southern California in addition to it’s inexpensive but skilled workforce has been a major attraction for the establishment of foreign factories. Ultimately it’s our North American desire for cheap goods that continues to perpetuate the disparity. We need to realize and take responsibility for the impact that we have as advantaged people. Far too often we fail to realize that simply being born in this amazing country has already given us.  We amount to about 0.5% of the World’s population but think about the impact we have as a developed country.

Tijuana House 2014

Our vision as Blitz has always been to create a community that impacts the world. We can make the body do amazing things: lose weight, gain muscle mass, run faster, become stronger, jump higher, but none of these singular aspects will be responsible for creating a truly healthy person. True health is attained when these things are tied into the benefit of others whether that’s through influencing others to take responsibility for their health or helping someone else in need. Sit back for 1 minute right now and ask yourself:

What is your legacy going to be?

Let that notion of legacy building drive everything that you do. What’s the use in living longer and lowering our probability of chronic health conditions if it’s just spent wandering aimlessly?

It’s with this intent in mind that we’re traveling to Tijuana. Our goal isn’t just to build a house; it’s to build a place where others can impact their community.

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