Three Things I Learned while my Plane Crashed: Ric Elias

I ran across this talk a few months ago and it definitely influenced me to change a my approach in life (Click on the link above for the video).  Ric Elias was a passenger on Flight 1549 which crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009.  His talk is about the three things that ran through his mind as the engines cut off and the plane began the plummet out of the sky.  Here’s the three points that stated in the talk and also a little elaboration on how it’s changed my mindset:

1) It all changes in an instant so don’t postpone anything:  We’ve all had moments of extreme regret, times where we wished we could have achieved something but failed to do it.  Wether it was a failed friendship that could have been mended, spending more time with the family, or even staying fit; we find excuses not to take that first step.  Whatever it is, do it now.  You will never have the chance to be in this exact same place or time ever again.

I no longer want to postpone anything in life. That urgency, that purpose, has really changed my life.” – Ric Elias

2) Choose to be happy, don’t choose to be right:  We waste a lot of time in our lives trying to prove that we are something or that our point is correct ultimately only to have wasted time building quality relationships and becoming less content.  If we choose to surround ourselves with healthy relationships and a positive environment we will find fulfillment.

3) Ask yourself: am I being the best person I can be?   Many times, we focus on how external circumstances have effect on our lives and prevent us from achieving what we want.  Let’s practice reversing the thought process and strive to grow as individuals within the context of contributing back to our circles of influence.

Ultimately my charge to all of you is to be purposeful in everything that you do.  Be the game changer, the influence, and the positive energy and as a community we will grow beyond borders.

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