This Journey Isn’t a Reality Show – 90 Day Challenge

Over the last few months, there hasn’t been a week that I’ve gone down a whole dress size or lost 20lbs like they do on TV shows like The Biggest Loser (TBL). Comparing my journey to those on TBL might be straight up stupid, but really our goals are the same, our journey is just different. I’m not to sure if such an extreme regime is the best way to start, I work out 5-6 times a week, some days its boot camp for 30mins and others it’s two hours of gym and yoga, fitting in 2-4+ hours of fitness a day is almost imposable for the average person who works, has a family and other commitments. For me, I do love the inspiration that TBL and other such shows brings, but I find that as an audience it can almost set people’s expectations up for failure and the methods by the trainers is offensive and at times down right abusive. The truth of the matter is, it didn’t take 1 or 4 weeks to put on the extra 20lbs or 2 dress sizes, so thinking that it is going to take that to get it off, are pretty high expectations.

Coming to this realization myself that this isn’t an overnight change, physically or mentally is hard, understanding the difference understanding progress can be hard when you want change NOW. Physically, I have been feeling strong, much more motivated, healthy and when I look back at pictures I see great progress but I’m not seeing a ton of “results” I look in the mirror and I’m being a bit judgey, which isn’t me. Which brings me to how I’m feeling mentally: I had a few days when I felt VERY overwhelmed and at moments a bit disappointed, but why, I’ve been at this for a few months now and maybe it’s the fact that I am now a lot more exposed then I was previously and that makes me analyze myself more or maybe its just that time in the process where I’m hitting that self exploration wall (you know the one on TBL where the trainers scream and the contestants cry and they realize this is the real deal… blah). The average person starts to discover their changes, challenges and growth at different rates, last week I think was a game changer for me, I realized that I inspire people and am a role model, I’d never thought of myself like that before and for a moment I was terrified. Yes, I was terrified, the though of letting people down was scary, not achieving my goals and everyone seeing IS scary, I took some time, knowing my words matter, my struggles and goals others have as well and knowing that I’m being honest truly is a huge part of my own motivation and what gives me strength.

Finding that the mental side of a healthy lifestyle is just as challenging as any work out that has been handed to me is an interesting realization and I have to say that writing about my journey publicly and privately is an amazing way to reflect, evaluate and understand myself on a new level, which is the goal right, create the person I want to be. I would suggest if you are struggling with direction, motivation, combating ideas and voices yelling at you to do or be a certain way and you need an outlet to release these thoughts, write, write in a journal, start a blog (they can be private) sharing your story and giving a moment to be honest with yourself is healing.

I mainly write about my feelings and my thought on observations, fitness, life… I don’t write about food, I don’t write about its power or affect on me, but this week when I was feeling a bit stressed and wishing I’d see more visible results, Chris asked me to start a food journal. I think normally food journals are all about what you ate, when you ate it, and how much and are a pain in the ass to keep up with. I think the idea of writing down the food without writing down all the other emotions that go along with seems like only half the task is being achieved and thus the reason why it has taken me five days to start this, because again, committing to myself is scary.

Today I feel strong; today I sit and finish this enjoying a coffee with the satisfaction that I am moving forward, taking these challenges one-step at a time. Knowing and being reminded that everyday, every workout, every emotion is different and important, not to be forgotten or gone unnoticed. Today, like yesterday and like tomorrow start fresh, the slate has been whipped clean, the mistakes and challenges are gone and new ones will arise and be concurred. And I thank everyone who is supporting me and who I give inspiration too, change is hard… really Bleepn’ hard and I can not emphasize the importance of being in a community (Blitz, friends, family…) that gives you the support you need and the freedom to grow.


  1. I think it’s amazing and I wish you so much success on your journey to a healthier you!!! Keep working hard and stay focused!! Train hard, eat well 🙂

  2. You ARE inspiring! Really enjoyed this one, Sarah! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Sarah, so great to read your thoughts, they are thoughts I think that anyone that has been on this journey has had…I give kudo’s to anyone that has the confidence to put themselves out there. Know you are supported and you are being inspirational! As a fellow gym rat and struggler it is bleepin hard and some days you wonder, and a one who has no patience and wants things NOW! it can be more difficult…Keep trucking girl cause in the end it is all about you!!

    • sarahjackson says:

      Thanks, I’m a pretty open and honest person, and I find that writing is making it a lot easy to hold myself accountable… it sure did this morning when i didn’t want to go to the gym, but it was a wonderfully sweaty workout that started the day off right… just do it before your brain has time to give up, LOL. Thanks again.

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