This is why I ride: Rob’s MS Bike Ride

Before I get started on the MS Bike Ride I will address my previous blog goal. I was going to lose 3 lbs and eat a bucket of KFC. Such lofty goals I know. Good news, bad news. I did not lose the 3 lbs, did not eat the bucket of KFC but did get some nice comments from my wife saying that I did look “trimmer”. I guess I will take that as a win.

Rob bekius ms bike tour 1

Our first MS Bike Team 2012

“Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal”
…was born.

The MS Bike Tour is a two day, 185 km bike ride that starts in Leduc, stops in Camrose for the evening and heads back to Leduc the following day. Every rider is responsible for raising money that is donated toward researching a cure for MS. I have been involved in the MS Bike Tour for years now, this will be my 4th riding in the event.

Rob Bekius MomI ride for a very special lady, my mother. She has suffered from this debilitating disease for over 30 years now. I see first hand the pain it causes her and the daily struggles it presents. With no cure in sight, it is her reality. I cannot imagine.

This is why I ride.

Rob and Jen bekius ms bike tour 2

Jen & I started riding in this event back in 2012. 1st time friends, 2nd time interested, 3rd time engaged and this time married. Rob and Jen Bekius ms bike tour 1She had a hard time catching me (biking and dating) but finally her perseverance paid off. I did let her beat me one year in an effort to curry her favour.

Pops Rob and Robbie BekiusPapa Bekius and his two boys at the MS Bike start.
I hope one day my little man will join us in the ride.

Our team has never been very big but has always put up big numbers. Last year we raised $23,369 with only 8 riders and placed 10th overall in team fundraising. Pretty respectable considering some of the top fundraising teams have 20+ riders.

We are always open to new riders on the team so if interested contact myself or Jen and we will get you going. The Ride is on June 13th & 14th. You must have a bike and must be able to drink, these are the requirements for our team.

Also, much love to my Blitz Bro’s for deciding to donate karma class proceeds to this years MS Ride. These guys are a class act.

Rob bekius training

I don’t love Chris when I am close to puking …

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