This is why I love my job

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Meike and I have been training together for almost a year now and we have hit some major goals in her fitness journey. About 6 months ago Meike mentioned to me that she wanted to surprise her husband with a trip to Whistler for Christmas; I thought it was an awesome idea.

Meike used to be quite the avid skier but has not been on slopes in almost 20 years. She has developed some arthritis in both her knees which has caused her a great deal of pain. So we started mocking skiing movements in our workouts, worked on leg strength and also incorporated plenty of balance exercises. I have literally watched this women go from only be able to step up one riser to nine, having to sit on a bench and stand up for squats to getting her knees to break 90 degrees and she is still continuously getting lower. Meike had a tough time standing on one leg now she is doing one legged squats on a wobble board!

Meike, I want to thank you! It is clients like you that continuously help my passion for fitness grow. You have simply amazed me and I am so happy I was able to help you reach your goal. I can’t wait for the next challenge want to take on!

Thanks again, it is people like you that make me love my job!

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  1. You’ve put your mind towards change and excelled! Way to go Meike and congratulations.
    Thanks for sharing your success.

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