This is the year.

This is the year I stop looking back and start giving back.

This year, I am not going to let my past performances, injuries, and disappointments define my future ability or confidence as a runner. It’s time to set new goals with renewed energy. I will invest what is required to run a sub 1:32 half marathon and quality for the NYC marathon. I am committed to giving my best in preparation and on the mountain trails of Sinister 7 – my ladies crew is striving to be the  #1 female team this year (#teamBHAG officially published).

NickKaceyHypoThis is the year that I start giving back through running to empower, support, and build community. I know the powerful impact running has had on my own life, I want to facilitate that in the lives of others. To date, my running has primarily been about me, but it’s about time I tap into the opportunity to make my running more meaningful. This starts with organizing a 24 hour treadmill challenge (with an amazing crew), to raise big money for Hope Mission’s Kids in Action program – we’re getting shoes on feet and fuel in little bodies to support and empower active lifestyles.

– Kacey


This is the year I #getthere.

Over the years, running has become one of the most important constants in my life. I don’t want to take that for granted. This year I want to be more present and intentional – in running, relationships, work, and my community. I’ve got some big running goals for 2015: a sub 3 hour marathon, qualify for the NYC Marathon with a 1:20 half marathon, run a 50k, organize a 24 hour treadmill challenge, and build the baddest run crew in Canada.

– Nick


Individually and as a couple, our fitness lifestyle has evolved over many years. It started with small decisions to pursue realistic and achievable goals. We trained for a 10km run and completing it built confidence to tackle bigger goals. Things have snowballed from there, but it started small.

Running became our thing. We’ve both run 9 marathons, 20+ half-marathons, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. These were not things either of us thought were possible when we started integrating fitness into our life, but there is no denying that the hard work, early mornings, frigid temperatures, and strong resolve has paid off. The positive benefits of running have extended far beyond running itself.

The friends we’ve made, experiences we’ve shared, and people we have become is really what makes us so passionate about running.

The fine folks at Blitz have asked us to share our fitness journey over the next 6 months. Follow us. We’ll follow you. We would love to hear about your goals. We hope to sweat it out with you in a HIIT class or give you a thumbs up on the river valley trails soon!
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NickKaceyJump NickKaceyChicagoCrew

It’s going to be an epic year. Here’s what’s on our radar for 2015:

May 31: Calgary Half Marathon
July 1: Canada Day 15k
July 11: Sinister 7 (leg tbd) but I’d love to improve on my leg 3 time from last year
Late summer/fall marathon

May 31: Calgary 50k
July 11: Sinister 7 (leg tbd) but I’d like to do at least 50k in the mountains
Fall: Marathon in Portland, Victoria, or Chicago

NickKaceyShoes NickKaceyBoston

Thanks to Oiselle for the inspiration!

On February 14, 2015 River City Runners is holding a 24 hour treadmill challenge (we’re going all night long, baby). We’re endeavouring to run 500 kilometers in 24 hours and raise $10,000 for the Kids in Action Program. Learn how you can join us here.


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