This is the House that sweat built – 2,105.80 Raised!



We were so excited to donate $2,105.80 to Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta raised in our Karma HIIT classes between September and December 2014!  The money will be directed towards the fitness facilities and programming at RMHC. The fitness equipment will be used by guests who have come from far away so that their kids can receive treatment at The Stollery. We all know how important it is to workout for both physical and mental health and it’s even more valuable in the case of parents at RMHC.  Having great equipment that’s accessible at all times makes it easy for family members to get in a workout, and a little break from the stress without issues of transportation, cost of drop-ins, and being too far away from their kids.

First workout in the new space complete!

First workout in the new space complete!

We talk A LOT about community here at Blitz but the difference is that we walk the talk too.  Actualizing community happens in many ways: from knowing every person’s name that walks through the doors, to understanding and supporting individual needs beyond numeric goals, to coming together every Friday to support charities and foundations. I’ve been truly blessed with so much in my life and it’s my mission to ensure that everything I do is intentionally focused on bettering the lives of those around me and people in need. Our community is strong because of the individuals who chose to empower themselves in order to support others. Friday night HIIT classes are always my favourite ones to lead and I can’t thank you all enough for coming. There is this unmatched energy when combining philanthropy and fitness together and you all seem to bring the A-game every week!

We’re building a culture around Fridays; we’re working out first and then hanging around for drinks and conversation after so come on down!



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