The Run. 2016.

Edmonton Winter


This January 1 – join us for something a little different.

Rather than focusing on what you will do differently in 2016 – we want to celebrate all the victories we had as a community in 2015 and set new audacious goals for the year to come.

As a member of the Blitz Community – we want you to start the New Year off with us. At 10 bells on January 1 we will shuffle out the Blitz doors and hit the streets on our inaugural “THE RUN”.

Pick your pace and distance (you are bound to have some great company) and head towards the river valley. This isn’t about time or place – it is about getting out for some fresh (likely cold) air, run with friends through the streets of Edmonton, and let everyone know we are ready for the goal crushing year ahead.

After you sweat out the toxins from the night before and put on the first clicks of the year – we will reconvene at the studio for some warm treats, a chance to declare your new goal on the goal wall, and to catch up with fellow Blitzers after the holidays.

As you know, we love being hard core so no matter the weather – this is happening and it is FREE!

This is our way of saying thank you for all your support and all the puddles of sweat you have brought over the past year. Let’s start 2016 with a Blitz Team Sweat Session!

You can register online at:

If you have questions, please contact Erika at

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