The food that fuels us

There’s really no other way to say it. We love to eat. Food is something we’re both pretty into and, as runners, we can eat a lot of it. We tend to eat fairly healthy simple meals during the week and will then often go out for dinner on the weekend.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you better fucking eat it. Bircher Muesli is basically oats soaked overnight in liquid (we use coconut water or the real cow milk stuff cause we like it). Because you make the Bircher the night before, you no longer have any shitty excuses like “I ran out of time.” Just grab your Bircher from the fridge, throw a big dollop of greek yogurt on there (for the protein!), some berries (for the yumminess), and go.



I know salads have a bad reputation for being bland and blah – and often they are! We’ve got a couple go to salads that we really like; they’re the perfect mix of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy!

Sprouted Kitchen is one of our favourite food blogs; the recipes are easy to follow and pretty much always turn out great. The Greeny Salad with Crispy Chickpeas + Roasted Jalapeno Dressing from Sprouted Kitchen is unreal. It’s mostly due to the dressing; we can’t get enough of it!


The Sweet Potato & Cranberry Salad from Love and Lemons is a classic for us. We’ve been making this salad (in one variation or another) for a long time now. Heads up with this one: we usually add some additional olive oil to make the dressing go a bit further.



Who doesn’t love a stirfry? They’re a great quick weeknight meal that you can double up on the ingredients and have enough for lunches the next day too! We love the nutty taste of brown rice so that what we always serve ours with. This Thai Beef Stirfy is so good – just the right amount of sweet and spicy (add a little Siracha for an extra kick).



Sundays are usually the one day each week that we don’t run. In our home, they’re referred to as ‘Sleep in Sundays’. And what’s better after a good nights rest? Pancakes of course! Here’s our go to recipe for pancakes from 101 Cookbooks.



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