The Fitness Resolution: Tips on how to stay on track with SMART goals.

One of the most common resolutions or goals people commit to in the new year is to get fit, lose weight, or gain muscle and we’re always excited to support a change in lifestyle.  Before you go out and grab a picture of your ideal body and post it on your fridge and stare at it every day, let’s talk about what success should really look like.  The biggest barrier to being successful in any goal is that we have a disproportionate view on the amount of time it takes to get to the final goal.  For instance, if I wanted to climb Mount Everest as a goal but I’ve never done any mountaineering, nor experienced high altitudes, it might not be a feasible goal to do it at the end of February.  This seems like an extreme exaggeration but most of us do this when we create resolutions; we aim high – really high.  Or the alternative is that we simply make an ambiguous goal like, I’m going to try and head to the gym more. Well how much is “more”?

The key to any goal is sustainability.  Create small goals, like, I’m going to start walking for 10 minutes every two days.  Another one could be: I’m going to seek help from a nutritionist or a personal trainer in the next week.  If we’re already in the healthy lifestyle mode then we can make a longer term goal; maybe it’s participating in a run, or in my case, I’m signing up to compete in a bodybuilding show in 2014.  Sustainability is about creating small and guaranteed wins at first and then using those as platforms to create other goals.  In doing so, when we look back at all the small goals that we’ve accomplished we end up accomplishing the bigger goal without feeling daunted by the task.  Remember too: we should also find intrinsic enjoyment in the activity at hand instead of simply looking at numbers and attempting to get to them.  Ask yourself the following:

Will I enjoy doing this activity a year from now or maybe in two years?

It may turn out that in a year you found something else that peaks your interest but this is definitely a good place to start when looking at a sustainable resolution.  Here is another thing that we use at Blitz all the time when we’re setting goals for ourselves and also with the rest of the community.  We want to create S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • SMART Goals Blitz ConditioningSpecific: for example: I want to start playing squash this year to increase my exercise levels.
  • Measurable: I’m going to to do it once a week.
  • Actionable: I’m buying a racket and calling a friend who wants to participate this week.
  • Realistic: Once a week fits in my schedule when I book time off for it.
  • Time Oriented: I’m starting next week.

Let’s make these resolutions a community thing too.  Tell someone you trust about your goal for the next year and ask them to keep you accountable to it.  You can also share it below or send me a message and we can definitely help you with it!

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