The Fitness Movement: Going Against the Grain.

Our society has it all wrong when it comes to health and fitness. It’s not about the magic ratio of diet being %80 of the effort and exercise %20.  It’s not about what shakes you take or what nutritional system you’re on.  It is not about being at a specific percent body mass index or height to waist ratio that you should be within.  We need to rethink health.  We have come to the point where we consume fitness in the same way we buy a pair of jeans, a hat, or a purse.  We see something we’re interested in when we’re surfing the web, whether it’s a workout DVD, a fitness class, or a nutritional supplement,  and we buy it because of inherent psychological cues that make us think one is better than the other.  After being in the industry for close to a decade I can tell you one thing: there is nothing new about these fitness crazes it’s simply carefully re-marketed to appeal to a specific demographic. Here’s the key to seeing success in health and wellness: it’s %100 devotion to yourself in the context of society.  It’s joining the fitness movement.

At Blitz, we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry because we go against the grain for many things: we chose to become one of the leading companies in informing and inspiring people to become active, we chose to turn back to our greater community and donate both our sweat and financial equity in order to help other causes, we chose to remain open to as many training styles as possible in order to challenge ourselves in as many different ways.  We chose to lead a fitness movement instead of promoting what’s hot in the industry.  We use our resources to encourage people to exercise and move more, whether they are buying services from us or not.  We’re passionate, we’re energetic, and we have an insatiable hunger to help others both in our community and abroad.  I’ve always said that the fitness industry is one of the most difficult but rewarding industries to work in.  It’s because you can’t simply clock out and leave your body at work.  You are the walking billboard for your services and your community is a measure of how effective you can influence change in their lives.  You’ll see the trend in all of the 90 Day Challenges is not that people have gone on drastic diets or fitness regimens but that they have mentally come to a place in which they are able to accept themselves as being wonderfully unique; this is where the change happens.  Also realize that incremental changes need to be made in their lives in order to improve it’s quality.  You can never shut your body down for a weekend or an evening, it’s a part of you.  But in order to see change you need to fight against all instincts that force you to resist change.

Fitness is a movement because we’ve been taught over the years to strive to make things easy.  From things like drive through fast food to shopping centres that force us to drive from one plaza to the next instead of walking our society has provided easy ways out of moving.  We’ve become inherently lazy because we’ve been inundated with technologies in the past 30 years that make things easier in exchange for overstimulating our minds to the point where we become entirely exhausted even if we haven’t moved an inch for hours.  We may start exercising and eating healthy for one reason or another but we’ve found that the people who see the most effect are people who have joined the movement.  They change their lives around entirely, they focus not only on becoming healthier but on setting an example for others to follow.  No wonder why there are so many activities like running and biking that are now focused on donating to charities.  People want to use their bodies to give back to society.  Adopting the idea of the movement happens when we begin to see changes in ourselves because of the time invested.  It could be something as simple as walking up a set of stairs without feeling tired or it could be the knowledge that you will have more quality time in the long run with family and friends because of the changes you’ve made.  We share these changes and encourage others to take on changes in their lives.  Let’s stop relying on public policies and governments to create regulations defining what is healthy.  The change happens when you own your life choices whether they are good or bad.  We lead fulfilling lives when we chose to move out of our own comfort zones and challenge our minds and our bodies to change.

So join us!  Pick up your running shoes and call a friend for a walk or a jog.  Join a group class in your local area.  Go play a sport or pick up some weights.  Welcome to the fitness movement we’re happy to have you on board!

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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