The Best Skiing & Snowboarding Exercices

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Being a snowboarder myself, I’ve learnt that skiers and snowboarders need to be well conditioned from head to toe. These athletes have just a few months to practice their skills in the snow, but by incorporating dry land training exercises using the bosu balance trainer and the stability ball, you will develop strength, balance and endurance necessary for your sport. Best of all it’ll help you avoid injury and give your the strength you need to land that 20 foot cliff.

Here are a few exercises that you can do before, during and after you winter snowboarding/skiing season to make sure you’re in top notch shape on the mountain.

Split Squat with Rotation

Start by putting two balance trainers, one in front of the other approximately 3 feet apart. Holding a medicine ball with both hands, place your right foot on the front balance trainer and your left leg on the back one. Lower yourself until the thigh of your right leg is parallel to the floor. Rotate the medicine ball to your right and left sides at the level of your hips. As you rotate be sure to keep your trunk facing forward. This exercise helps develops balance and strength to keep you on your feet while carving through the trees.

Alternate Dumbbell Press on Balance Trainer

Place the balance trainer dome side up. Put both feet on it hip width apart and point your toes out slightly. Lower yourself until your hamstrings are resting on your calves. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and rotate them so your palms are facing toward your body. Press the dumbbells up one at a time until your arm is straight but do not lock your elbows. This exercise works on developing strength, balance and alignment that will help you start where you left off the last time you strapped on your board/skis.

Hamstring Curl with Stability Ball

Lie on your back with your arms out at your sides. Place your heels on top of the stability ball. Your legs should be straight. Curl the ball in toward your buttocks, keeping your hips level. This exercise stimulates muscles development in your hamstring muscles and will help keep you and your back injury free.

Ski Jumps

Line a rope, or pick a line in the tiles on the floor, from one end of the room to the other end. Standing on both feet, jump from side to side over the rope. Each time you land, your feet should be around hip width apart. Jump as fast as you can. Do between 40 and 50 jumps. This exercise works on strengthening the lower body and increases your endurance for when you need to rip down the hill through a patch of moguls.

So there you have it, four exercises that will help you stay on your feet, have enough endurance for an entire day of skiing/snowboarding and keep your body as injury free as possible… Unless you do decide to drop that 20 foot cliff and in that case, make sure you wear a helmet.

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