The battle of the scale – Week 3 – 90 Day Challenge

Here we are, 2013, a fresh start and that time to reflect and make resolutions. The idea of waiting till the new year to make commitments bothers me, perhaps its because I find the idea of making huge goals and life altering changes only because it is January 1st to be a bit antiquated. Goals are important, goals are essential but for goals to be achievable they need to be realistic (why set yourself up for failure) and goals need to be set for the right reasons. Often, people see January 1st as this life changing moment, and it really can be, but 1 in 5 people slip up on their new years resolutions with in 10 day, so, after this little rant, please review your goals year round, be true to yourself.

At the beginning of this “challenge” I mentioned that I wouldn’t be talking about my weight (and thank God, Hello holiday season) as I began to get ready for bed tonight, I came to the realization that I had not stepped on my scale in over 10 days and I actually didn’t have a desire to. What has happened to me? I think I probably had weighed myself 2-5 times a week in the past and felt like I needed to, to ensure I stayed on track with my goals. I have found that since I really started to think about self-image (please read my latest blog post) and the idea of accepting oneself at all stages of their journey is important and as long as I am moving forward mentally and physically that the number that shows up is becoming less and less important. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be down 10, 15, 20 lbs, but if my clothes are fitting better and my confidence about my body is rising and beginning to match how I feel about my inside, this is much more of a win then 3lbs.

Starting a fitness challenge the week before Christmas might have seemed counter productive or plan stupid but this is how the last two weeks played out: I ate cheese, drank wonderful wine, I worked out most days either at Blitz or at yoga, I did NOT deprive myself, I DID make conscious choices “Eat soup and salad for lunch so I can drink lots of wine for New Years Eve” these are decisions that probably didn’t get me ahead, but I by no means do I feel as though I have fallen behind. We are human and some day’s workouts come naturally other days (yesterday) you do everything in you to not vomit (Fact: Both Amy and Chris have almost vomited in the last couple of weeks, even these warriors are human). Tonight, my goal was to go to bed at 9:45… that didn’t happen, some goals you meet, some you don’t, I finished my blog post instead. For the weeks to come i’m going to be to focusing more on food, eating clean and mindfully, it really is as important then the exercising.

Last week I asked: why is it that committing to yourself is so much harder than committing to a job, relationship or even a gym membership? My answer, you are always with you, you are always there to judge and analyze your success and your failures and when you commit to yourself its terrifying, you can’t lie and you can’t hide all you have is what is and what is, is the truth. Step one to committing to yourself is accepting, today – stay off the scale and focus on health.


Not to sure how different I look so far, but one thing is for sure, Chris is not allowed to take my photo after a workout.

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  1. Hey Sarah, congrats on making it through the holiday season! It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, but didn’t let things get out of hand, and definitely kept the challenge in mind – no small feat! Here’s to a great next three weeks!

    • sarahjackson says:

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate the support and the kind words people have given publicly and privately. It is pretty amazing how support pushes you to be your best and helps you build to the next level. 🙂

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