The 3 A(s) of Problem-Solving

Faced with a challenge?

Try using the 3 A(s) Approach to Problem-Solving!


Are you aware that there is something brewing inside you? Can you identify what it is that you are feeling and why you are feeling this way? Is the issue resulting from your own perceptions, feelings or reactions? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or disappointed? Have your boundaries been crossed, or are you feeling disrespected? Are you upset with another person?

*Helpful Hint during this step: Use the acronym HALT:
Are you feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?


Start by asking yourself: Have you truly “accepted” this issue or persistent emotion or have you just been denying it and stuffing it down? Can you actually admit that there is a problem? Are you constantly trying to ignore or run away from what you are feeling, a difficult relationship or the problem at hand? Can you step back and take an objective, realistic view of this situation and accept it for what it truly is? Can you accept that you cannot change another person? Can you accept that the only thing you have the power to change is yourself and your own perceptions, feelings and reactions?


Now that you have become aware that there is a problem and have accepted that there is a problem, what steps are you going to take in re-solving this issue? Will you make yourself accountable and become fully responsible for the quality of your own life? Will you make the choice not to victimize yourself by feeling trapped, not speaking up for yourself or staying in a situation that is not nourishing you? Will you commit to making the necessary changes to be happy and healthy?

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