THANK YOU!! – Another MS Ride Complete!

Rob and Jen MS Bike Tour 2015It’s been just over a month since Rob, myself, and 2000 other riders completed the MS Bike ride raising a grand total of 2 million dollars!

Between the two of us, Rob and I raised $12 272 thanks to the incredible generosity of our family, friends, Blitz community, and all those who drank at our wedding (the proceeds of our reception toonie bar went to our ride this year).

The ride means so much to the two of us. As we’ve shared in past blog posts, we ride for Rob’s mom and all of those afflicted by MS. I had the honour to meet and ride with some amazing people this year who have the passion and drive to not let MS prevent them from achieving excellence:

  • Sean, a 38 year old father, with MS with whom I ran a leg of his Really Long Run to End MS two weeks before the ride (rumour has it that Chris and I will be running more than one leg next year)
  • Amanda, a 27 year old nurse and one of my former junior high students, who was diagnosed with MS last year and who rode this year. Reconnecting with Amanda and hearing her speak with such positivity and resilience is one of the greatest teacher paydays ever.

Rob and Jen bags MS Bike Tour 2015It was Amanda, Sean, and my mother-in-law Eileen who I thought of as Rob and I struggled against the brutal wind Sunday on our ride home. Saturday’s ride was great – fast and pretty easy. Saturday evening was great – fun and social. Sunday’s ride was a struggle to say the least – tired from riding and socializing Saturday with the wind in our faces all day, there were many times that I contemplated jumping in the truck for a ride home. But, I reminded myself, this is only one day – one physical struggle that doesn’t even compare with those moments that people with MS face during an attack. This is why we ride – we ride for those who can’t, and for those who can today and want to next year. I was reinvigorated each time I saw a rider with the red jersey that read “I ride because I have MS”. I am inspired by their strength, courage, determination, and grit.

Rob and Jen MS Bike Tour 2015 2I am proud – proud to be a part of the MS ride, proud of the fundraising Rob and I did, and proud of the Blitz community who supported the event with each Karma HIIT class attended. I am so thankful for all of you! I’d like to extend a special thank you to Chris and Brett who, not only supported the ride with the Karma classes, but who found and polished up the MeatWagon and completed the ride in tandem. We are so grateful for your support (as well as for teaching us flip cup).

Next year we would love to see a big, melded Twisted Steel/Blitz contingent riding for the cause. So, let’s build this team, get riding & spinning, and gear up to end MS.


Rob Jen Chris Brett MS Bike Tour 2015

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