Taking it One Step at a Time- Step 1: FOOD

You hear it all the time- what commitment and training for an Ironman entails- hours of training, lots of sleep, the disappearance of free time. The biggest struggle for me so far has been getting back into the swing of things post-Africa. Of course I had all sorts of plans to train while I was in Cameroon, I even sourced out areas that were safe for running, had a chaperone that was ready to accompany me if need be. Our hotel was equipped with a 25m pool, it was all there, I was ready to keep my training up! What I wasn’t ready for was the HEAT! I had been warned, but it really was a struggle. It was a daily task just to get enough water in me to stay hydrated throughout the day. The couple attempts that I made at training ended up with light headed dizziness. Needless to say I had to forego training for my health.

As a result, April was all about getting back on track! And it was not easy! So I decided to take it one step at a time, one week at a time I began focusing on the different aspects that comprise a complete training program. Beginning with number 1: FOOD. If you’re not getting the proper amount of energy in your body, you are not going to finish all of your training sessions, and if you do, you are not doing your body any favors by not replenishing it. So once I recovered from jet-lag, and being sick post- Africa, I started my training back up, but particularly focused on what I was eating and starting a schedule of buying my groceries and prepping my meals.

For a lot of athletes, especially endurance athletes, eating can be a job in itself! In my first week back training I made food my focus by creating a weekly plan. First up: Groceries. I created a list of ‘go-to’ items that I know I can throw together if need be and still create a healthy meal that gets me the energy that I need. This way when I’m exhausted at the end of a long day of training and need to hit the grocery store, I know where Im going what I need to grab and can get in and out quickly. No need to spend the little free time that I have standing in a grocery store wondering what to buy!

Next up: Prep! Food Prep doesn’t have to be an afternoon affair. I focus on prepping a couple things that I can grab and go if need be, but max amount of time I spend prepping is about 2hrs. I focus on quick sources of protein- like boiling eggs, or cooking egg muffins (I’ll post the recipe soon), cutting up ham, or cooking up a couple extra chicken breasts.photo-35

By focusing on food this week I felt set up for success for my next week of training. As the training hours increase I know I will be happy to have this game plan in place! Sometimes I think the hardest part of training, is all that it entails- People seem to get overwhelmed by all of the ‘parts’ that make up a training program, I know I was feeling it. Im hoping that by focusing on each part and creating a plan for each piece I will be able to avoid that overwhelmed feeling as training continues on.


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