Brady – My journey to becoming a firefighter!

My name is Brady Cook and I’ve achieved my dream career goal of becoming a fire fighter. I can attest that to successfully be accepted as a recruit takes an incredible commitment. You need to want it more than anything - I did and I still do – the hard work is worth it. I love my job. The process is long and stressful; it demands the very best you have to give, day in and day out. Understanding that top physical fitness is paramount and an integral part of the hiring process and a career … [Read more...]

Fitness: A Family Affair

I have my NP-family, my Blitz-family, my running crew; so many great communities that I get to sweat with, and who challenge me on a daily basis but... “family” family is truly at the centre of everything that I do. With them I have shared some of my greatest moments, including my most memorable fitness “feats”. This photo album of sorts captures some of those favorite moments. With each other’s encouragement we stay active, we hold one another accountable, and we have a lot of fun … [Read more...]

A Fit Geek’s Year in Review

'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates Hello again friends and fellow fit nerds! Can you believe more than a year's passed since I embarked on my fit quest and changed my life for the better? I sure haven't! I wanted to take some time to share my progress and lay out what I plan to do in my 2014-2015 season of nerd fitness with you. So let's get started shall we? Last year, I signed up for Blitz … [Read more...]

Not Starting from the Bottom Anymore

The highs and lows of a fit quest can be quite interesting. At one point you're flying high and you think that nothing can stop you, and then you hit an emotional wall that makes you feel like packing up your fancy tri-colour shoes. I've always thought of myself as a pretty positive guy so whenever I hit an emotional speed bump, I dug my head in the sand, felt ashamed and thought that I have to start all over again.  I felt like I have no choice but to start back a level one and pick a brand … [Read more...]

Getting Fit and Helping Others: A Perfect Combination!

When we began the Fit in 50 Beginner Fitness Class in Northeast Edmonton this spring, it was intended to be a six week class where people could start (or restart) their fitness journey regardless of their fitness level, age, or prior experience. It would also give people the opportunity to support a larger cause -- the Blitzing Poverty in Mexico 2014 home building trip that is taking place in August. The usual class fees were waived and participants could donate as they were willing to. Fast … [Read more...]

Steve’s Run Quest and Push-Update

Hey Fellow Fit Nerds! Steve here with an update on how my push-up and run quests are coming along. First, let's talk push-ups. I've been doing some work with Chris, and on my own, to improve my overall strength and I am seeing results! I started with barely being able to push myself up without the assistance of my knees and here's a video taken last week that shows how far I've come along: >>>Steve's Push-Update #1 Whoo! I'm pretty pumped that I was able to do nine (ish) … [Read more...]

Oh For Fit’s Sake: F*ck Terrification!

Well, this blog post, this admission weakness and perpetual struggles has been a long time coming or should I say a long time hedging.  Those closest to me and those who have been consistently trying to help me with this struggle can attest.   There is a very simple reason for this, I AM SCARED OUT OF MY WITS.  In fact, I made up a new word to define this “I want to throw up, scream cry , fear poo, and ideally, spontaneously combust at any minute” feeling: TERRIFICATION. TERRIFICATION: a … [Read more...]

The battle of the scale – Week 3 – 90 Day Challenge

Here we are, 2013, a fresh start and that time to reflect and make resolutions. The idea of waiting till the new year to make commitments bothers me, perhaps its because I find the idea of making huge goals and life altering changes only because it is January 1st to be a bit antiquated. Goals are important, goals are essential but for goals to be achievable they need to be realistic (why set yourself up for failure) and goals need to be set for the right reasons. Often, people see January 1st as … [Read more...]

Damn you cheese! 90 Day Challenge

  Who was the dumbass that decided to start a 90 day challenge the week before Christmas? Well that dumbass was me! Here’s the deal, Christmas holidays are all about food! Well, not really, but every holiday has a great deal of socializing involved with it, parties, get togethers and the celebrating just never seems to want to end. Truth of the matters is that I like food; in the past I haven’t had the ability to go to a party or event and just not nibble, and I won’t pretend that … [Read more...]