My first Half Ironman – Expect the Unexpected

I did it, I completed my first Half Ironman Triathlon! A Half IM includes a 2Km open water swim, 90Km bike, and a 21.1Km run (a half marathon). As expected, the race was both physically and emotionally draining, but for the first time in a race I experienced both incredible highs and humbling/miserable lows. As my longest endurance race, a major part of my preparation for the Great White North Triathlon (GWN) involved educating myself on my body’s energy systems, and how to effectively supply … [Read more...]

Stay Motivated with a Race!

Hey gang, Sarah Meier here, one of Blitz Conditioning’s newest Trainers! Over the past three years I have been leading fitness classes at a variety of gyms, as well as volunteer instructing at the Don Wheaton YMCA for the past year. I have also been a long time Blitz community member, so it has been incredibly exciting watching Blitz grow over the years! Now I am thrilled to be apart of the Blitz team and I love starting my Thursdays leading your morning Blitz HIIT class! It is inspiring seeing … [Read more...]

Moments of impact – 90 Day Challenge week 8

Starting a public journey about becoming healthy and losing weight can be pretty intimidating. Being public and extremely open and honest is who I am, I’m the kind of person who calls people out but know how to say things so hearts don’t get hurt. Being this type of person gives me skills that have empowered me to take this journey on with all that comes and what comes is a lot of emotions, anyone that has struggled with their body (not necessarily losing weight, but gaining, body building…) … [Read more...]