Run for Joel: Community.

We talk a lot here about community. As a matter of fact it's in our vision statement: We strive to be the number one fitness community in the world. It's big, it's audacious, and it's doable. So last week when I took on the journey of donating one dollar for every kilometre to Joel I kind of knew that I was about to open the pandora's box of caring and giving. From people offering to donate money for every workout they complete, to others offering to hit the trails with me I can't thank you … [Read more...]

Brady – My journey to becoming a firefighter!

My name is Brady Cook and I’ve achieved my dream career goal of becoming a fire fighter. I can attest that to successfully be accepted as a recruit takes an incredible commitment. You need to want it more than anything - I did and I still do – the hard work is worth it. I love my job. The process is long and stressful; it demands the very best you have to give, day in and day out. Understanding that top physical fitness is paramount and an integral part of the hiring process and a career … [Read more...]

Not Starting from the Bottom Anymore

The highs and lows of a fit quest can be quite interesting. At one point you're flying high and you think that nothing can stop you, and then you hit an emotional wall that makes you feel like packing up your fancy tri-colour shoes. I've always thought of myself as a pretty positive guy so whenever I hit an emotional speed bump, I dug my head in the sand, felt ashamed and thought that I have to start all over again.  I felt like I have no choice but to start back a level one and pick a brand … [Read more...]

Steve’s Run Quest and Push-Update

Hey Fellow Fit Nerds! Steve here with an update on how my push-up and run quests are coming along. First, let's talk push-ups. I've been doing some work with Chris, and on my own, to improve my overall strength and I am seeing results! I started with barely being able to push myself up without the assistance of my knees and here's a video taken last week that shows how far I've come along: >>>Steve's Push-Update #1 Whoo! I'm pretty pumped that I was able to do nine (ish) … [Read more...]

Injuries: Respect them, heal them, and then Crush your Goals!

Happy New Year! We've all been there: had an injury of some sort - whether it was an ankle sprain, shin splints, muscle strain, etc. It's never fun to be injured, and as a personal trainer my mission is to help people learn to move properly to minimize their risk of injury. That being said, when we are constantly pushing our bodies to new limits and taking on more intense workouts and movements, the potential for injury increases. As our bodies become capable of more and more (which is … [Read more...]

Bearing It All – 4 Months Until the Games Begin…

This blog is a follow up to my last one about being hungry enough to work hard for what you want. I've had an idea for a challenge/goal for myself for a while now (maybe 4-6 months?), but wasn't ready to commit. Meaning, if I wasn't sharing that goal with others, then if it didn't happen I wouldn't feel bad about myself or like I've failed anyone. No more of those lame excuses. I'm ready to share it. Maybe that's because I've finally decided to take ownership of that goal and make a plan to … [Read more...]

This Journey Isn’t a Reality Show – 90 Day Challenge

Over the last few months, there hasn’t been a week that I’ve gone down a whole dress size or lost 20lbs like they do on TV shows like The Biggest Loser (TBL). Comparing my journey to those on TBL might be straight up stupid, but really our goals are the same, our journey is just different. I’m not to sure if such an extreme regime is the best way to start, I work out 5-6 times a week, some days its boot camp for 30mins and others it’s two hours of gym and yoga, fitting in 2-4+ hours of fitness a … [Read more...]