Sedentary behavior and stress: how movement affects your mood.

We've all experience these: seemingly impossible deadlines, packed schedules, all leading to an inability to fit in a workout. We become one giant ball of stress ready to explode like a packed keg with a fuse the size of the tip of a pencil. Over time we find ourselves over stressed, and feeling down. There have been quite a few population-based studies asking questions about sedentary behavior and mood there have been few studies looking at how inactivity chemically affects mood until … [Read more...]

The Association Between Cancer, Body Weight, and Inactivity.

Obesity and inactivity have been correlated to many chronic illnesses but we have just recently began to study the it's interrelationship. Dr. Darren Brenner recently wrote a paper titled: "Caner incidence due to excess body weight and leisure-time physical inactivity in Canada: Implications for prevention" where he talked about the potential relationship between these modifiable factors and cancer(1).  We already know being overweight and having obesity have already been linked to the following … [Read more...]