Frozen Spinach Dip (low sodium and gluten free)

frozen spinach dip

We at Revive Wellness, love to eat in-season for health, cost and flavor! This month, we'll be using lots of spinach as it's our featured food. You can find spinach year round, but keep in mind that they are in peak season (and again, best flavor!) late spring to early autumn. Try using fresh in stir-frys, soups, wraps and salads. (We sent out a recipe for warm spinach salad in our newsletter this month) But we understand that sometimes frozen is more convenient, so we created this tasty … [Read more...]

Spring has arrived, along with asparagus and zucchini!

Momma Mia Frittata

Asparagus is a spring time delicacy from the lily family. The flowerless and leafless stalks are sweet and crisp when young, but bitter and sinewy the older it gets. Don’t let the spear size trick you about “how old” it is; the thicker stalks are typically more tender to eat. To prepare asparagus, find the natural break point of the stalk by holding both the cut end of the stalk and the center, and gently bend. This break point divides the fresh stalk from the old (be sure to discard the end … [Read more...]