Boyscout Wisdom: Be Prepared

At this point in December, you should be aware of your festivity obligations for the rest of the month and possibly into January. If you are not aware, now would be the time to figure out when and where you are expected to be since this can play a huge role in your emotional or physical health. I know, planning isn’t sexy or exciting but some form of planning is the key to success in many areas of life and it is a strategy I often recommend. We will discuss planning events for less stress & … [Read more...]

Damn you cheese! 90 Day Challenge

  Who was the dumbass that decided to start a 90 day challenge the week before Christmas? Well that dumbass was me! Here’s the deal, Christmas holidays are all about food! Well, not really, but every holiday has a great deal of socializing involved with it, parties, get togethers and the celebrating just never seems to want to end. Truth of the matters is that I like food; in the past I haven’t had the ability to go to a party or event and just not nibble, and I won’t pretend that … [Read more...]