Adventures with the Trek Farley 5

Fatbikes are becoming an all too common bike here in Edmonton. As this category of bike develops we're seeing a multitude of modifications; from suspension to even wider tires, it seems like the possibilities are endless. I managed to pick up the Trek Farley 5 from United Cycle this past week and take it on a few trips in order to compare it with my previous fatbike riding experience. The biggest difference between the Trek Farley 5 2016 and the Specialized Blizzard 2015 editions is the width of … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with plus-sized mountain bike tires? Does size really matter?

There used to be a time when mountain bike tires came in one size and width but those days are long gone.  Now-a-days tires come in all sizes, from 26 inches with a width of 1.8 to 2.4 inches, to fatbikes which are 26 inches with a 4 inch width, and up to a 29 inch tire with a 3 inch width. What's the deal with all the different sizes? Tread pattern and composition of tire have been the factors that have been most modified in tire technology and then the focus turned to the frame: suspension, … [Read more...]

Fatbiking: The Monster Trucks of Biking.

I'll admit, before heading on this adventure I had my doubts about Fatbikes. Every time I saw one of these pedal powered monstrosities lumbering down a street or a trail I'd chuckle a little; they don't move quickly, it looks like the tires are half inflated, and they remind me of a monster truck. As I registered for the Revolution Cycle Fatbike Ride Day this past Saturday I knew I had to keep an open mind and, as always, have a ton of fun. Revolution is offering a very unique opportunity to … [Read more...]