Fitness: A Family Affair

I have my NP-family, my Blitz-family, my running crew; so many great communities that I get to sweat with, and who challenge me on a daily basis but... “family” family is truly at the centre of everything that I do. With them I have shared some of my greatest moments, including my most memorable fitness “feats”. This photo album of sorts captures some of those favorite moments. With each other’s encouragement we stay active, we hold one another accountable, and we have a lot of fun … [Read more...]

Want to get paid up to $90 to run your own class?

  Do you have a great and innovative idea for a class and are looking for a supportive environment to develop it? You’re in the right place. Blitz Conditioning is looking for top trainers and instructors to run additional classes and to further challenge our amazing fitness community. We are currently accepting proposals for new and innovative fitness classes. Interested? Here are the details: Will pay you a base of $30 per class instructed AND pay up to $90 per class … [Read more...]

A Fit Geek’s Year in Review

'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates Hello again friends and fellow fit nerds! Can you believe more than a year's passed since I embarked on my fit quest and changed my life for the better? I sure haven't! I wanted to take some time to share my progress and lay out what I plan to do in my 2014-2015 season of nerd fitness with you. So let's get started shall we? Last year, I signed up for Blitz … [Read more...]

Meet the Castillo Durall Family from Tijuana, Mexico

  In less than three sleeps, members of the Blitz community and their friends are going to Tijuana, Mexico to build a house. You've met a few members of the build team, but now it's time to meet the family they're helping. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Castillo Durall family of Tijuana, Mexico: Oswaldo (43) - Father Claudia (34) - Mother Yobani (16) - Son Gabriela (13) - Daughter Oswaldo (12) - Son Hovim (10) - Son Rubi (9) - Daughter This family of seven live  in … [Read more...]

Oh For Fit’s Sake: F*ck Terrification!

Well, this blog post, this admission weakness and perpetual struggles has been a long time coming or should I say a long time hedging.  Those closest to me and those who have been consistently trying to help me with this struggle can attest.   There is a very simple reason for this, I AM SCARED OUT OF MY WITS.  In fact, I made up a new word to define this “I want to throw up, scream cry , fear poo, and ideally, spontaneously combust at any minute” feeling: TERRIFICATION. TERRIFICATION: a … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge – A Dietitian’s Perspective

Last week I (Robin from Revive Wellness) met with Rosemary to help her practice some EBT (Emotional Brain Training) skills when she mentioned her 90 Day Challenge was finishing up this week.  While briefly discussing her successes and challenges, I was struck with the old saying it’s not about the destination but rather the journey.  Rosemary has truly made great strides along her journey and now has the tools to take her for the next 90 days (and so on)! Although I initially offered to … [Read more...]

Moving your body goes far beyond calorie burning in EBT

If you’ve been following our Emotional Brain Training posts here, you’ll have learned a lot about EBT as a brain-based solution to stress. But, we want to highlight that EBT also incorporates principles of healthy eating, activity, adequate sleep and time for daily rejuvenation. All these factors play a role in brain health. Finding ways to move your body goes far beyond calorie burning in EBT. Daily activity, for example, produces a chemical in the brain (BDNF-brain derived neurotropic … [Read more...]

What are you wired at?

Over the past few weeks we've introduced some of the Emotional Brain Training concepts (see this post and this post). Today we'll discuss the foundation of EBT- brain states. Laurel Mellin, the founder of EBT outlines 5 different brain states. (The following is just a summary; for more detail please see our EBT page or pick up Laurel's book Wired for Joy.) Brain State 1: My brain is balanced. I am in the present moment, feeling happy, satisfied and rewarded. My thoughts are focused and … [Read more...]

Who’s in charge here?

Last week I introduced you to the different parts of the brain. Today let’s look at how they affect our decisions. 1. The Neocortex which is your ‘adult’ brain operates our executive or higher functions. It allows us to think outside the box, problem solve, multi-task, learn and grow. When your neocortex is in charge you are more likely make good decisions. It is like the ‘angel’ on your shoulder bringing your attention to the big picture and considering both the short and long … [Read more...]

So what is Emotional Brain Training?

You might be wondering what is this brain training that helped me avoid eating cookies last week (and where the heck can you sign up?!) Emotional Brain Training is a program developed at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) that is based on research from neuroscience, stress science and psychology. It teaches a set of skills that targets our emotional brain.  photo source: Mellin, Laurel: Wired for Joy, 2010.   The emotional brain is made up of the lower two … [Read more...]