Top Rope Climbing: Learning How to tie knots and fight fears.

Climbing sixty feet is high. Really high. I generally don't have a fear of heights, but when I'm suspended by a knot that I just learned how to tie less than an hour ago and I hear it creak - let's just say the palms get a little sweaty. I've wall climbed before but this was a little different; the high wall at the Wilson Climbing Centre maxes out at an astonishing sixty feet - look up, way up. Most of my experience has been in bouldering which is climbing a few feet high off the ground without … [Read more...]

Get a grip: climbing gyms of Edmonton.

I remember when Vertically Inclined first opened up in Edmonton in the 90's and I begged my parents to go. To no avail it was too far away from so I didn't have a chance to scale those walls. Flash forward to six months ago and for some reason it finally dawned on me that I lived only a few blocks away from my childhood dream of ascending dizzying heights through clouds of chalk! Climbing has become one of my favourite sports. It forces me to unplug from everything and focus purely on technique … [Read more...]