Is anyone else guilty of spending countless hours on the Harvard Business Review website? You know it always starts with one article and next thing you know, an hour has passed and a dozen articles have been scrolled through on your computer screen. You feel slightly more intelligent than before but know the real genius is the person who added the “what to read next” link in the top right corner. My most recent binge session was ironically about being busy - one click later I was learning how … [Read more...]


It has been a busy month at Blitz and I suspect this momentum won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If we aren’t building new studios, riding through the province on a tandem bike, or making your muscles burn in preparation for short-shorts and the sleeves-option season – then we aren’t doing our job. Every time I walk by the HIIT studio I can hear our instructors pushing you through tough workouts that sound a little more challenging every day. I see sweat on the floor, exhausted but … [Read more...]

Rolling into the first few weeks.

The first few weeks of being an official co-owner at Blitz has come and gone. I cannot believe the amount of support, congratulations and excitement that I have received from the community. I will say it time and time again - Edmonton is the only place I could make this possible and I have all of you to thank. As you can imagine, these weeks have been filled with a lot of great conversations between Brett, Chris and I around “who we are” and “what we want to be known for”. I have learned a … [Read more...]