Blitz Bootcamp

It's safe to say that summer in Edmonton has arrived! What I love most about summertime in Edmonton, especially in the downtown area, is the huge increase in people getting outside and getting active! Our beautiful city has so much to offer us, and it is great to see people taking advantage of it. I've gotten into the habit of trading the gym for the great outdoors, and what started as a feeble attempt at getting a tan has gradually been gaining momentum; It started with inviting a few … [Read more...]

Stay Motivated this Summer: tips for exercising on vacation!

Hey Ya'll! This post comes from a time when we are in the middle of our beautiful summer! If we are lucky, September will be nice and HOT and we won't see fall colours and cool breezes until October is just around the corner! Summer is so bittersweet when it comes to your fitness routine. Mine has been a little crazy - I had arthroscopic knee surgery in July (which luckily is a very quick recovery), and then I've had a few small vacations which tend to throw me out of routine. If you are … [Read more...]