What is Tabata Training?

If you have ever come to a HIIT class or you are personal training client at Blitz you have more than likely experienced Tabata. Most people groan and say, “come on, let’s do something else.” Clients dread Tabata. They know that the next 4 minutes is probably going to be the hardest of their workout. Whatever muscle group is being hit is going burn horribly and sweat is going to pour out even more. The bottom line is that is one of the most effective ways to train. Not only is it a great way to increase your aerobic systems but it improves your anaerobic system as well.

So what is Tabata Training? Tabata training is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times over. That’s it! Seems pretty simple, hey? It does not sound like it would be that effective but trust me it is. Next time you are at the gym I want you to try and do something as simple as squat jumps using Tabata or you could even do something like chest press. Start with about 70%-80% of your max and drop the weight whenever you can’t perform anymore reps. You should be able to get through 2-3 of the sets with your starting weight then have to drop the weight.

Tabata is a great way to switch up your workout routine and keep your body guessing. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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