Switch Up Your Workout Routine

There are tons of people that go to the gym and either do the exact same routine or switch between two or three. Here are a few tips so that you know when it’s time to switch things up!

  1. You’re bored: I get that for most people working out isn’t exactly a great time but how crappy is being bored and not enjoying what you’re doing? Hitting the same workout routine a few times over is a great way to see progress (lifting more weight, faster time ect.) and also make sure you have your technique down. But once you find yourself “going through the motions” it is probably best to switch things up. Make it so you have to think during your workouts. You should always be trying to perform the exercise properly and identify what muscle groups you are hitting.
  2. You are not seeing results anymore: Your body is amazing! It only takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks before your body will begin to adapt to your workout and you will stop seeing as many results. The key is to always keep your body guessing. There are a 100,000,001 exercises out there try different ones out!
  3. You are no longer being challenged: If you ran 5km everyday it would not take long for it to become more of a Sunday stroll then a workout. Make your workout challenging, try some exercises that you have seen other people do at the gym, up the weight your lift or throw a quick aerobic exercise between your strength exercises.

Changing up your workout routine will help keep you motivated and your body guessing which is key for you to reach your goals. Play around in the gym and have some fun! Coming up with new exercises is something that keeps us passionate at Blitz.

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