Super Dad

Papa BekiusWe all look for inspiration in different people to help inspire us. Something that will ignite the fire to achieve or set new fitness goals. Fortunately for me, I have these types of people all around me. One of the people that inspires me in many ways is my dad.

Dear ole dad is 77 years old now, not a spring chicken. More like an old, very set in his ways chicken. He has always been very healthy with no physical issues other than getting a long needed new set of knees last year and has always been naturally strong.

The guy is old school strong. The kind of strong you get from good genes and doing a lot of physical work when you were young; not from working out in a gym. Although dad has always been an avid swimmer which was probably good contributor also. He challenged my brother to an arm wrestle just last week if you can believe it. He lost the battle but put in a good showing … especially considering it was a 40 year old taking on a 77 year old. I sat on the sidelines and did not participate because obviously I would crush both of them. 🙂

Dad is clearly not a nutrition buff. The fact that this guy doesn’t have high cholesterol is a medical miracle. If you lined up the amount of butter this man has eaten in his life it would circle the earth twice. High fives to mountains of salt and sugar as well. Most of the bad eating occurs when his wife is away and doesn’t cook for him. Hmmm, this sounds familiar to me some how.

When it comes to exercise now, he is quite diligent in his routine. He is not lifting hay bales or wrestling cattle anymore; he works out 5 days a week IN THE GYM! Monday, Wednesday and Friday are swim days at Millennium. He now swims a mile 3 times a week! This was pretty regular in his younger days but he hadn’t hit this distance in a while. I am proud of him for that accomplishment. Tuesdays and Thursdays are his cardio days. The treadmill, elliptical and various other stand alone machines are his targets. And, on top of that he takes my mom to work out twice a week in the mornings at her fitness facility!

Good Job Dad!


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