Success: it’s in Your Mind.


We talk a lot about struggles and the trials of fitness and life. Many times it places us in a position in which we set ourselves up for failure. The struggle mindset forces us to believe that the challenges may be insurmountable so, at times, we even fear starting.

What most people miss is the idea in which we envision success over the struggle. Athletes do this all the time. While they undergo mental preparation before a race or an event you see them close their eyes and envision a perfect game. Successful people do the same, the day to day struggles are nominal to the vision of positivity that they see in their head. So why aren’t we doing this on a regular basis?

Dream big.

Try this: close your eyes and think of a perfect day. For instance, think about how it would be great to go through a day and all of a sudden get a message from a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. Envision how this would change your day. Now do it. Pick up you phone and message someone and ask how they are. You’ve done two things, fulfilled your vision and lightened someone’s day.

Think about fitness. If you want to get healthier, envision the goal at the end. Don’t think about six pack abs but simply feeling better about yourself. This overrides the complications of diet and starting a fitness lifestyle. We simply start and we strive to do better every day without thinking about failure.

Failure does not exist when we live in the mindset of success. Failures become bumps in the road instead of catastrophic circumstances. When we think that positive things will come to us, we find them in our day and our lives instead of asking for them to find us.

I love this quote:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivan Greene

Think success in your life and the positive things will come!

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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