Strengthtober: The Benefits of Working Out with Heavy Weights for a Month

Part of our team here at Blitz Conditioning have devoted October to making ourselves stronger using maximum strength training.  We’ve nicknamed it “Strengthtober”.  If you have been following the Blitz Conditioning crew on twitter you may have noticed some of our tweets about Strengthtober. I am writing this to let you know what Strengthtober is all about, and what it is not. The main reason I have come up with Strengthtober is to help people know about strength training, to build muscle, and mostly prep my body for Muscular Movember (more on that, in another blog soon!)

What it is:

Training for maximum strength means is we are doing the following:

  • Using heavy weights
  • Workouts with low repetitions (about 5 reps)
  • Longer rest breaks between each set (minimum of 1 Minute)

Strength training has great benefits:

  • Builds muscles both in terms of size and strength
  • Strengthens both ligaments and tendons
  • Increases bone density

To find out more on how to do Max Strength training, and more detail on the benefits read my previous blog on it here.

What it isn’t:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Cardiovascular Workouts
  • Circuit training or whole body workouts
  • Dance or Aerobic Workouts

Strengthtober is not about building muscular endurance. Cardio is decreased to only 10-15 min since your muscles need all the time to store more ATP (the chemical in your muscles that makes them contract) before the next workout. If we perform both cardio and strength exercises we are sending mixed messages to the muscles and they will become neither much stronger, nor increase in endurance.  Other workout styles may still make you stronger and more muscular but max strength training is the most optimal way of getting all of the benefits above.

I know I am a little late on getting this blog out, but it is not to late to join in the fun and challenging Strengthtober! Even just two good weeks in Strengthtober will be enough to help the body get ready for Muscular Movember! Hope to see your tweets with hashtag #Strengthtober and track how your progress is going!

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